A team focused, outcome driven designer and leader, I work with established brands, agencies, and startups to execute highly innovative, scalable design strategies that deliver impactful results. With 15 years of experience, I bring a unique end-to-end full-stack design capability to every project.

// Experience


• Concepting
• Branding
• Story Telling
• Visual Design
• Content Strategy
• IxD/UX/UI Design
• Prototyping
• Product Design
• Journey Design
• Film Production


• Design Systems
• Web Apps & Sites
• Native Apps
• Multi-Touch Displays
• Email Campaigns
• Presentations
• Technical Docs
• Brand Collateral
• Short Films
• Books

Past Verticals

• Martech
• Telecom
• Entertainment
• Online Gaming
• Banking
• Social
• E-Learning

If you’re working on something awesome, drop me a note and let me know how I can help, or say hello on LinkedIn.

// Recent Work

Individual Relationships, Enterprise Scale.

Collaborating with a range of savvy leaders and cross functional teams, I helped Formation deploy an enterprise SaaS marketing platform that supports 26,000,000 Starbucks loyalty members every week. Working directly with a Seattle based cofounder and a small engineering team, I participated in every aspect of bringing the product vision to life, which balances a bevy of personalization policies underpinned by advanced Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The Formation platform delivers a range of omni-channel offers spanning the full Starbucks loyalty population all the way down to highly personalized 1:1 offers and recommendations, enabling Starbucks’ marketing team to reduce operational burden 6x, increase offers sent 3x, and lift engagement 5x.

// Why I Love Design

Design is about discovery.

It’s a powerful way to examine our world and make sense of what we encounter. A tangible way to express authentic empathy and caring for others. A compelling way to tell a story and move an audience. And it’s a lot of fun. Some of the best moments of my life are a direct result of my passion for design.

// Purpose

Move swiftly toward truth.

For me, artisan craftsmanship is the path to truth. I believe that in everything we make, we should strive for deep enduring quality so that what is made stands the test of time and creates exponential value.

// Mission

Amplify human understanding and ability.

Creators make, audiences consume. Implicit in this relationship is that both sides invest time to be part of it. By creating thoughtfully designed experiences that elevate human consciousness, we honor this mutual investment of time, causing exponential value to flow both ways, ultimately reinforcing a healthy bond between Makers and the Market.

// Principles


Defy entropy.

Embrace uncertainty.

Craftsmanship is sacred.

Prototype early and often.

Focus on win-win outcomes.

Failure is a synonym for learning.

Goals are gold, they unlock great design.

Human beings deserve empathy and innovation.

Care about your work down to the very last detail.

// Recommendations

Ammon Haggerty // VP Design at Formation //

I was Joshua’s manager on a highly technical SAAS platform. He’s a passionate and highly skilled product designer with exceptional UX skills. He’s also a talented storyteller and can weave together a compelling product or user narrative. A valuable member of our team who could do the work of two designers. Highly recommended.

Greg Sullivan // Creative Director at S3 Gaming Platform //

Joshua worked with me for several years on some very cutting edge concepts on projects that will be coming to market in the coming year. His contributions were invaluable and given an opportunity I’d jump at the chance to work with him again.

Josh Bauer // CTO at Wurrly & Lead Engineer for Vodafone CEC //

Joshua is hands down one of the best UX designers I have ever worked with. His attention to detail and thoroughness throughout the design process saved our team hundreds of hours in unnecessary work. Joshua is always open to suggestions and an excellent team player. I could not offer a stronger recommendation to anyone, he is an asset to any team he is on.

Tim Shea // CEO at 97 Communications //

Joshua is excellent. He is one of the most diligent, detail-oriented creative folks I’ve ever met. He has a great vision and feel for new products, and is never afraid to take the initiative. And it shows in his work.