I worked both horizontally across the design org to create a design system, provide collaborative design support, and evangelize scalable design practices, as well as vertically within cross-functional agile teams on three of Boeing’s most important service offerings. My team’s contributions directly impact all 150,000+ Boeing internal employees, plus customer employees and vendors, while indirectly impacting anyone taking a flight on one of Boeing’s 10,000+ commercial airplanes.

  • Craft a custom high fidelity design system (called Flight) and component library to unify a wide range of responsive web apps.
  • Support designers from other project teams using Flight and integrate their feedback.
  • Design a cohesive SSO+MFA experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Use Flight to consolidate disparate legacy admin apps into a best-in-class IAM platform that manages all internal employees, customer employees, and vendors globally.
  • Apply Flight to Boeing’s Fleet Management System, which monitors the entire global commercial fleet and triages billions of aviation events in real time.