CDK Global

CDK is a leading provider of automotive solutions to dealers in North America and Europe. I was part of a four person design team that deployed Radial, the CDK Design System, which is based on Google Material Design. My contribution to Radial focused on creating a data viz component library to help drive standardization across a range of legacy applications.

  • Support a global team of 40+ designers and 100+ products by creating a robust Sketch component library of data viz assets and comprehensive canonical guidelines in Frontify for CDK’s Radial design system.
  • Migrate the legacy design of a flagship data analytics acquisition using Radial design standards. Executive Eye is a data analytics and reporting platform serving the largest automotive dealer groups in the industry.
  • Lead a swift 1:1 design process of Executive Eye’s legacy design for rapid platform migration.
  • Conduct usability testing with Executive Eye customers to implement a human-centered redesign of the product experience.